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Advancing research today for healthier communities tomorrow

The UIC Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCTS) seeks to improve population health, particularly among minority and underserved communities, by accelerating the research process.

Our consultative services, on demand tools, training and funding opportunities can support your research project at any phase of the translational spectrum- from drug discovery to public health.

You can learn more about the CCTS at

KL2 Clinical and Translational Science Scholars (CATS) Program

The CATS Scholars Program is intended to accelerate the career progression of scientists who have demonstrated a commitment to clinical and/or translational research.

These two-year awards provide a vigorous mentoring and career development program for clinical and translational scholars in disciplines and professions such as medicine, dentistry, engineering, social work, nursing, and pharmacy.

Ideal candidates are junior faculty who will have completed the majority of their formal research training and now require protected time to develop a specific research project that will lead to external funding.

Pilot Grant Program

The CCTS Pilot Grant Program prides itself on supporting health studies that drive innovation through a strong emphasis on novel collaborations.

Pilot studies are essential for enhancing the rigor of clinical translational research, improving internal and external study validity, encouraging novel research directions and collaborations, and helping prevent poorly executed or futile studies.

Through the Pilot Grant Program, the CCTS seeks to promote internal and external collaborations and innovation by supporting projects that bridge disciplines across the translational spectrum and create thematic teams of researchers, positioning them for large-scale and multi-site collaborative studies.

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